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So I recently posted a thread about how I couldn't get this car to turn over. After 6 starter motors removal+refits, various wiring hacks, much swearing, and many headscratches...

...I fitted the battery from my Seicento and it fired up first time. Stupid cheap jump leads :bang: Don't know why I didn't do this first, glutton for punishment I guess :eek:

Anyway I kept driving past this on someones driveway for over a year at work and thought "If that ever comes up for sale i'll buy it and put it on the road". After about... 10 months? Of going past it it ended up with a for sale sign in. Called the guy up, he needed it gone asap but the brakes were gone, £100 and a heavy hammer later it was at mine :slayer:

So yeah, here it is. The bonnets just rest on for photo's as I took it off for access, 6'4" and a Cinq engine bay isn't the funnest combo! For now plans are fully overhaul the brakes and suspension, engine wise i'm not sure what to do, tempting a 1.2 bottom end with 1.1 everything else as mine leaks like it's going out of fashion.





Space saver is on as the alloy has a slow leak. All 4 wheels have dents on the inside, can tell his wife drove it!

For now the plan is spin it round in my garage once i've cleared it out a bit, jack up the rear, drop the axle and fuel tank, rust remove, wire brush the underside and seal it. Wire down the rear axle and radius arms and either powder coat or hammerite (see how money goes) them, polybush, refit with new brakes. Paint the tank and refit as well, see how all the hard lines for fuel and brakes are and replace as needed. Deal with any other general shenanigans under there. Then move to the front, tempting a 1.2 bottom end rebuilt with the 1.1 top end and gearbox as this lump leaks like a sieve!

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