Grande Punto My Grey Grande Punto Sport.


Thought id start a new thread as ive changed lots of small things and lost track of it all, but basically im back where i started :p

this is how it is now

At the moment its on fk coilovers (which im really surprised at how well they perform) about 65mm drop all round
i think the rears need spacing about 10-15mm and then drop the front to 75/80

Went for 16's a while back but looked horrible so went back to the 17 dezent motions (looking for a trade with 15 spoke sporting wheels if anyones interessted?)

Engine is standard apart from a K&N panel filter. no point wasting money on the engine as i wont get any more power :(

Also changed alot of audio, now ive got:
Rockford Fosgate P1652-S 16.5cm Front Comps
Rockford Fosgate P400-4 Amp - Powering the speakers so i dont need a HU
and a Vibe 1600w Black air box in the boot
It now sounds very nice, quality speakers for vocals and good for bass (y) really do rate rockford stuff :)

Future Plans:
Adjust Suspension
Rear wheels Spacered
17" 15 Spoke fiat alloys

thats all, Any comments/suggestions welcome

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