Grande Punto My Grey Grande (Italian Stallion) modified lowered


I have had my car for over a year and a half now and have still not got round to creating a build thread!!! (Terrible I know!)

Here is what it looked like when I 1st got it :)

It wasn't long before I got some inspiration from the forum and decided to go with the carbon vinyl on the front bumper/ grill :)

I did vinyl the bottom part of the bumper as well underneath the lower grill but the cat pissed on it and it went grey :( lol

The next change that came along would be the blue interior footwell lights, pedals, punto stickers and new wheel trims. (sorry for the poor quality photo's!)

Very blue! lol (sunbed style!) :)

My pedals (They kept slipping off so I eventually got rid of them :( )

This is a photo of me and a friend in his modified civic (b16 EJ) very nice build and completely modified and very fast!
You can see my custom fiat badges on this photo (not well but...) I scraped the red off and painted them black with silver fiat lettering :)

I up-rated the suspension to Abarth springs which I was miss-informed on when I was told it would lower the car 40mm!!! the difference wasn't even noticeable! although the handling improved no-end!!!

I left my car like that for quite a while... Until... I vinyl'd the roof gloss black, tinted the side repeaters and got a black FK debadged grill. (I know it doesn't look nice in this photo but hey ho... it's on it's way to well... hopefully perfection :) p.s. excuse the scenery around my car... House is still being built so it's a building site :)

Yeah... :)

Anyway onwards!!!

My car has been like that for months until... Last Saturday! :)
I got a brilliant deal on my coilovers (FK Street AK) from Prolex UK and a set of 5 BMW E30 alloys which I refurbished with all center caps.

Old vs Refurb :)

All fitted to the car last saturday and it's looking good if I say so myself :)


The back :)

Still some arch gap!!! :)

Need to get the arches rolled or a camber kit as the wheels have some poke... Looks good but It means that the real have a chance of hitting the arch and shredding when I go over a large bump quickly!!! NOT GOOD!!!

The alloys are 15" original BBS and I think they look good. I have seen a post somewhere on here about people thinking that the grande is best suited to 16" or above and that 15" look bad... I disagree as In my opinion these 15's look nice :) what do you think?

Anyway... Back to the low's!!!

More low's

only 8cm clearance!!!

So what do you guy's think??? Any idea's on more mod's? I wanted to open the headlights to paint the inside black but after searching around I found out it's pretty much impossible unless you want to mess up your lights. I just can't take that risk! :(

So it will continue :)

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