Punto (Mk1) My Green 60s


Hi guys I am new here:) Used too have a Black 1.7 TD SX like 5 years ago but sadly it got written off by a Bin Wagon:( went through a couple of other cars since then(non fiats) but Now I have just bought this!
99 punto 60s 1.2 I think its only an 8v but the most reliabale car I owned was an 1.4 8v Astra Mk3 so I kinda like the idea of having another




I spent half an hour checking for rust on this car and couldnt find anything a little surface here and there in none critical spots and a bit on the exhaust but the Body is in Brilliant nick from what I could see:)

The bonnet and Wings are a little faded from the sun so when i get it home will Deffo be giving it a damn good T-cut and polish:)

I dont intend on doing much to this car in terms of Engine and stuff but I am going to Get a nice set of 15" alloys,Replace the rusty backbox with a Rage backbox,nice oval twinpipe one or summat...I want it a little louder but not so ya can hear it a mile
Might replace the bumpers with colour coded ones at some point,Deffo gonna replace those orange indis with clear ones,probably remove the strips off the side as if i remember correctly they are only glued on. A hairdrier will make short work of them:)
Basically I am not doing anything Excessive too it just gonna tidy it up alot:) Oh and a add a Sub and upgrade the door speakers, Not going with 6 x 9,s this time. The parcel shelf couldnt hold them properly in my old TD SX If I remember correctly and i think the weight made them sag. So this time i will just upgrade the components instead.
Only cost me 295 with the Part ex for my MOT Failed
Good deal?

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