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Grande Punto my gps 130 in go faster red


well im half way through where i want to be now. so far, ice sorted, lowered on eibach sportlines, door cards retrimmed in leather, nice luxury mats rather than the standard fiat ones, (the red is growing on me lol) italian plates, real good wax all over. oh nearly forgot full tints all round (to legal limit):)

too come shortly, 18" wheels when i have secured buyer for standards, piggy back chip and r/r set up and a set of underside forge bracing. also to use the harley wax i still aint opened.....

also toying with the wire mesh grilles but really want to see how they look on a red gps.

heres some rather bad photos from the airport, was trying to be all artistic with the sunset and waited f*** ing ages trying to catch a plane coming in as a backdrop, i think i was upsetting security as they kept bombing around in thier nice ranger truck with the lights flashing.......

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