Grande Punto My first car, Sporting GP 1.4 16v


Recently bought a Sporting 1.4 Grande Punto as my first car. Completely new to the forum, already learned a good few things. Great place for information I'll need to work on the motor!

The guy who owned it before me has taken no care at all on the alloys, the look brilliant but are in dire need of restoration. Curbs & tar have made most of the mess, professionals needed! Also, just a couple of dents in the bodywork & that's it, thankfully.

First things first is to get the alloys worked on then thinking possibly;
• de-badged grill
• panel filter
• induction kit
• lowering springs
• glossy black roof wrap
• tint back & side windows
• pioneer stereo

Would like to hear what are the most common mods people start with & where I should go from here. Cheers

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