Punto (Mk2/2b) My First Car named Eleanor.


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Hey guys i was half way threw 18 when I got my first car. I chose a Fiat Punto 1.2 16V Sporting over a Saxo (y). Cutting a LONG story short i had numerous troubles trying to get this car,Colour,Sporting,6 Speed gear box etc etc. First time on Auto Trader lady was veyr nice was going down to see her on the Saturday. Phoned her up again on the Saturday to let her know In was going down with my dad just after lunch "ohh... im sorry to tell you I sold the car last night" me -> :bang:. So after a other 4weeks waiting a other sporting appear :slayer:. This time was in a car lot so bound to get it. Problem was though it was 400miles away. But my dad said we would travel as I was :mad: about the last time. So phoned the garage up atleast 4 times on the way down. Got there at 4:30. I began looking around for my punto.......... "thats funny i can see a fiat Punto??" So spoke to the manager guy. "Hi im looking for a fiat Punto MK2 Sporting in grey?" "Oh sorry m8 i sold the car at around 4:00. that Point I nearly punched the guy. The guy i was on the phone with had finish his shift at 3:30 and didnt tell his boss we were coming down!! so basically we drove 400miles for a bag of chips. Like the film Gone In 60 Seconds trying to get the GT500 somthing ALWAYS happens.

Three weeks later!. Phoned a guy in Auto Trader and told him i was coming down in the morning. I explained to him the trouble i went threw and he said he would keep the car for me. Picked the car up from the guy I had this face the whole way home -> :D.

THE MODS!!!!!! :slayer:
Believe it or not I already had a picture in myhead exactly how i wanted it too look. Gave me things to think about while trying to get the car. Im studying AutoMotive Refinishing at College. Which is panel beating and spraying. Following that course will be doing a busines course. So i knew i was allowed to work on my car for free/ GET PAID FOR IT :D LOL!.

Few pictures of the car when I bought it paid £1500
Car came with
4 New TOYO T1 ties
Full new Exhasut
12months Road Tax
12Months MOT
New Brake and Brake pads
around 65k on the clock




After a week of getting use to the car. Time to get the picture in my head onto the car. I began working smoothing out the front bumper. P40 was used to fill the bumper with Bodyfiller and Top Stop applied to finish off. I hacked sawed out the front bumper struts to create a giant mouth.







Final photo of the front bumper smoothed and bonnet de-badged. Number plate was also moved down to the bottom for a while. Just wanted to complete change the look of the car.


After around 2 weeks I began on the audio Full vibe install, Flip out DVD player hooked up to the PS2 little bit of Need For speed during lunch ;). Then i was told by my GF and parents to calm down on the spending LOL. so did FOR like a WEEK!. Blue footwell Neon gave the car a nice look during the night. Set of AutoGuage guages filled the A-Piller



I had a wee break from modding due to college exams and extra shifts at work (n). But wait...Extra shifts?? More MONEY to spend on the car!! :slayer:. Decide the stupid arial! had to go :D smoothed that off. On the way hoime from college a BMW went past me and i seen its black roof. My brain then clicked :D BLACK ROOF!!. I bought the vinyl of ebay at £60 and got a local guy to fit the vinyl for me.
How the car is looking at the current time


New alloys will be arriving soon. The auto Guage piller pods are away now though shown in the above pic. Also recently bought a HGT center console. So you can probs guess where the guages are going ;).

Comments and suggestions are all welcome

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