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Hi, all. I'm new around here and introducing my new 16v Fiat Coupe Turbo 5 Speed Manual.

I have just purchased it with 4-5 thousand dollars worth of work done backing it up with receipts.

The colour of my Fiat is Yellow, I am unable to attach photos which sucks. It is a full leather interior with an added sunroof.

It has 169,000 km's on the clock but runs great.

I also currently own an E39 528i BMW with 100,000 kms & an E30 318i with 130,000 kms.

So why did I buy a Fiat Coupe?

The main reason was because of a family member of mine, he is into odd ball cars & purchased a 20V Turbo Fiat Coupe Plus Model in the same yellow but with many extras. Brembo's all around and all of that... he also got a non-turbo 16V Coupe but in red.

It is a bit of a strange car for a 16-year-old to own but that is why I love it lol. Only 25 of my model in my country and everyone that sees it, has no idea about it...


Thought I may re-post this with an update, I'm now 18. I made this post on roughly my 16th birthday when I got my first Broom Yellow 16vt.
This car has now been retired with a blown motor and is just an eye pleasure (if you like coupes)

I have now upgraded to a 20v Turbo, Limited Edition in solid black. See the picture attached below to view the car.

Are there any kiwis around here? I no longer own the BMWs either, the enjoyment Italian motoring brings is like no other, I ended up not long after purchasing a Fiat Stilo Abarth, and what a car...

Hope you are all well!

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beautiful car
I brought a yellow on from the UK and bit of work to do. Finding parts is very hard. Your car looks sooo good.

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