Bravo (Classic) My Fiat Bravissimo.


Hello People,
Thought id get a new thread up and running, as my other one was closed :(

Anyway to start of with, i bought the car back in Feb this year for a Measly £500 with 55k on the clock...obviously a few set backs like a dent on the front Wing, and a few scuffs on the rear and front bumper...
well in the time of ownership i believe i have tidied it up a little, i say that and i still havent sorted the Front Wing out yet :p

To the Specs...
Sprayed in VHT Red.
Custom Induction Kit Situated To The Bumper.
NGK Iridium Plugs
0-62 - 10.9 Secs(In The Wet)
Top Speed - 110+ Mph

And The Mods.....
Fiat Marea Poly Ellipticals
6000K H1 HID's
Twin Pipe Exhaust Back Box
Aluminum Cold Air Feed + Cheapish Filter

Not a alot, but hopefully more should follow :)

Well ill get to the pictures now:slayer:

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