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Bravo (Classic) My Bravo 1.9 TD100 Grey - Stolen :(


First of all, greetings from Romania!

This is an unusual thread but even if I have no longer this car I want to share with you my love for italian cars.:p

Once upon a time a young boy decided to buy his first car...
I bought the car from someone who imported from Italy. This car helped me to succeed at the driving licence exam.
Well, with a good friend and neighbor, Denver (user on this website) and other mutual friends we fixed small technical and visual problems.
Because it was no more registred in the country of origin Italy and in Romania the registration fee is very high for imported cars ( for instance for my car was about 2,500 euros), I decided to trade/swap it with a car already registred in Romania.
Having blind trust and wishing a registered car I ended up making a BIG BIG BIG mistake...:bang: I found later the trade car is stolen and give Police.
The guy who scammed me (well yeah, is not really stolen but...close because I have no written purchase/trade agreement with the crook) was sold my FIAT so I lost the car ... both cars ...
Since then I have had three cars but nothing compares to an Italian car, I miss her a lot :cry:, so I decided to buy another Fiat (Bravo, Punto, Seicento or Coupe) and keep it until his last breath. I have small budget but, please if anyone knows of one for sale, cheap and technically good, let me know via private message. Thanks.

My Fiat can be found also in my friend's thread, with his own cars. By the way, this man can make anyone love Italian cars, really! :D


If anyone wants to see more pictures with the car I can attach a .rar archive with about 100 pictures.

Have a good day.(y)

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