Cinquecento My '93 1.4 16v Cinquecento


Hi everyone,

After best part of ten years with various Italian cars, I'm now back where I started.... with a Cinq!!

I bough it already converted to 1242 16v power but it will be undergoing a lot of work to improve and tidy bits here and there.

Since buying it I've swapped the K&N for a CDA, I've re-fitted the orange front indicators and flushed the coolant and fitted a cleaner expansion tank. Alternator belt changed, that's fun with the engine mount being so close! Major service coming soon as well.

Please excuse the crappy pictures, my phone is rubbish!!


Rear window is tinted, that will be coming off:

Has a 1.6 16v Bravo TB, RR'd at 89bhp:

With my standard Seicento Sporting:

Lots of stuff on the to do list including fitting Spax kit (ordered), move the battery back in to the engine bay, moving ECU to other side of engine bay, polybush nearly everything I can buy a polybush for, put rear seats back in, upper and lower strut bar and fit Uno turbo calipers! Should keep me busy!

Lots more little jobs need doing, car has been keyed so that needs doing as well. I might upgrade to a 1.4 at some point but I won't get too carried away yet!

Overall though it's a cracking little car, so much fun and once I've sorted a few bits (mainly the brakes and the suspension!!) it should be fantastic.
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