Grande Punto My 1.9 MJet GPS


Long overdue I know, but after MITCar and noticing everyone else has a build thread heres mine.

Here she stood, all standard as of June 2011.

First things first, new Forge underbody braces. The once front heavy and understeered 1.9 now feels a lot less boggy in corners.

Got hold of some CF vinyl and went about modding the front and rear badges. Pretty simple to do, and a bit different from those that have repainted it.

I also covered the silver trim (passenger dash strip, driver dash strip, around gear gaiter, steering wheel controls etc) with the CF and clear lacquered it to look less fake. Pics to follow.

Got hold of some 20mm hubcentric spacers for the rear, courtesy of Mayatt, fill the tracking now and feels a lot more planted. At the same time I had all 4 tyres replaced with Maxxis MAZ1 215/40/R17's. Great tyres and I opted for a slightly wider tyre to standard 205's as I was dropping profile but also for rim protection.

Spurred on by Wisey's new gear stick gaiter I decided to mod my current one to save some pennies. Took a while as stitching isn't my strongest point but I think it turned out pretty well?

Last things last, got hold of some Plastidip in black. Went about painting my upper grill with it (from the silver tinted look to matte black to match the lower) and also did all 4 wheels. It looks good, but i'm not totally happy with it so may redo it at some point.

Little things that don't need pics, had new bulbs all round and also put red LED's into the footwells following guides on here.

So without compromising anything (ride quality, looks, performance) i'm pretty happy with how she is at the moment. That being said.....

Future Mods.....
- BMC panel filter (on order at the moment)
- Paint engine cover
- Possibly go lower at some point
- Remap or tuning box

Hope you all liked her at MITCar, you guys gave me some ideas too but all comments and feedback welcome!

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