Grande Punto my 1.9 gps..


Thought it was about time I uploaded some pics of the motor after a few months of browsing the forums :) this is my 4th punto, 3rd grande Punto. picked the car up in April and already done some work

First thing I did was the front brakes ebc ultimax slotted discs with ebc yellow stuff pads. Amazing set up, while the wheels were off I had them plastic dipped matte gunmetal, cost £40 for the spray and completely transforms the car.

Next up was a service, instead of using standard air filter, I replaced it with a pipercross panel filter. Well worth the £35, makes a difference

I treated myself then to a set of eibach pro springs, without doubt the best thing for these cars, stops the hideous bouncy ride, car feels more planted turning and braking.

Then things went a bit wrong, I had a map done my Celtic tuning and the test drive, the turbo went bang! Luckily the car was under warranty and I got her back this week:D apparently there was little amount of oil in the intercooler. Clogged pipes perhaps?

Decided yday to sort some scratches out, the guy knocked £300 off if I took the car with the scratches, if I paid full whack he would do them. Took them down the local body shop and he buffed them out for £30! Well chuffed with that :D treated her then to a clay bar and polish

Next up, remap next week (not Celtic tuning)
Ebc ultimax discs and yellow stuff pads, with dot 5.1 to stop fading
Then I shall be taking her to the nurburgring! Can't wait

Hope you enjoy, its been a blast owning her :cool:

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