Stilo My 1.2 Stilo


My 1.2 Stilo/Future Turbo Stilo

Here's the life of my car so far in pictures, I just want to see how much I can repair/modify the car by myself before it dies.
And for as cheap as possible for some bits.

Here she is before I bought her

After a while I got a cat back exhaust made by powerflow
20130217_134417_Esther Square.jpg

20130217_141841_Esther Square.jpg

Then my intake melted so I got a K&N pod filter
20130126_150410_Esther Square.jpg

Then I bought a set of alloys from a guy on here

Then there was too much of a gap in the wheel arches so I got some lowering springs and shocks

Then the Mrs cleaned her and I fitted a debadged grille

The engine started to splutter, bet you cant guess which cylinder had the problem
20130325_171830_Esther Square.jpg

Here's a little thing, wind deflectors. Their great when it rains

Then I changed out the old clocks for the one with the nice big screen

Next is a bit of a bigger project, the 1.2 Turbo Stilo

So I start cleaning it up a bit

Here I'm changing out the spring to try to get the wastegate to run at around 5 psi
And that's about as far as I got with the turbo other than getting everything sorted for the oil line. I got an adaptor for the oil pressure sensor to also feed oil to the turbo and got some steel braided cable for it.
For the outlet I still need to find a spot in the sump for the return. I still haven't decided weather or not to get a decompression plate yet for such little boost.

Then I got bored and put some brightness adjustable lights for the foot wells. The head unit is something I got a while ago, ordered it from china and I love it for the gps mainly but its also got a dvd player/freeview (rarely used), mp3 player from sd card, tyre pressure display, radio, bluetooth, I've also got a rear view camera connected to it

That's it so far. Any suggestions for what to do next would be great.
I love this car and cant leave it alone, next I'm thinking a matte black paint job :slayer:

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