Grande Punto My 1.2 active grande punto (cookie monster)


So I thought it was about time I started a members motor thread for my boy. I bought him on my 20th birthday in mid may. It came looking like the first picture. I like the way it looks now but I have a few plans both short and long term for when I have the money.

So basically e stuff already done to it:
Stainless full exhaust system
16" team dynamics white with blue strip
Scorpion badge
White stripes and side stickers
And the second pictures of after I gave it a good clean and polish
Back three tints

Things I've done:
Kept it clean ;)
Took the door bump strips off
White bulbs (not HID)

Future plans:
Hoping to lower next year when I can chose to own insurance as I'm on multicar with admiral with everyone else in the house at the moment

Head unit change (pretty far down the list)

Tinted headlights/tail lights or abarth light (undecided)

Wheels refurb in anthracite

And painting the grills black.

Any other suggestions are very welcome and I would like to hear you ideas. I will post some more pictures below that I think look good.

The last two were taken this evening, and me and my mate went for a drive and found a nice empty field. I apologise for the dirty car it's getting cleaned this week at some point.

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