Multipla Multipla: bike and child mover


So I collected my new Multipla yesterday. It's a 52 plate elx jtd, with 220,000 miles on the clock! It was owned by the garage owner, so it's had pretty much everything replaced, so hopefully that won't matter. :)
It's a bit stone chipped on the front, but I don't think carbon wrap on the bonnet would look very good, so I'm open to ideas...
Pictures are on Flickr (I can't work out how to embed pictures on my phone or post links)

Here are some pictures of the Multi. I'm pretty happy with how it drives - it has enough oomf, and it's far more comfortable than my Dedra. The wheels are Alfa 145 ones I think - I quite like them, and there isn't much of a budget for this, so I think they are staying. There are one or 2 niggles I need to sort (eg the boot lid release is broken/hard to use, and the plastic cover for the edge of the boot interior is broken (I might make a replacement out of steel)), but overall, I'm really pleased with it.
I do need to do something about the stonechips on the bonnet though. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might look cool/interesting/fun (I don't think carbon vinyl would look good, and wood effect wouldn't suit the colour). On the other hand, I'm sorely tempted by carbon wrap on the bonnet, wing mirrors and door handles, and a liberal sprinkling of Arbarth stickers/badges. I think that would confuse people (even more than they are usually by a Multi). :devil: :slayer: And the carbon wrap is sooo cheap on the bay of evil...




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