Panda (Classic) Mk1 Panda 4x4 long term project


So here's the car when I picked it up:

(same model/colour as Sam (@goodgirl156)'s, but that's currently where the similarities end!)

Had half an hour free this afternoon so started to have a look over, and clear out the minging interior. Plan is to strip out the interior to keep it safe from my inevitable welding fires, and to try and get rid of the smell! Always find it interesting cleaning out cars I've bought - highlight in this one is an invoice for animal feed (no surprise given the amount of hay in it). Lowlight is the evidence of mice..

Have had a go at a video but it's amateurish to say the least. Bit like the welding will be to start off with, but there's plenty of "opportunity" to improve both...

[video wouldn't upload, will try again!]

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