500 Miklysas Fiat 500 Cup!.


Hi! I'm new to this forum and to Fiat :) I bought this 500 Cup when I was on vacation. I was up late one night on the internet and found this for sale in Oslo, Norway so I drove down and sold my BMW and bought this. The car is a 2008 model which had only run approx 14000 miles when I bought it two weeks ago! It's a 1.4 sport 100hp with sportmode, fully automatic aircon (haven't seen that on many 500's) and, of course, it's the all-so-rare Cup model! :D
I will upload more detailed pictures later, as these are taken using my phone.. Needed something to send my friends for bragging rights, right? :D

I'm having a hard time finding words to describe how it is to drive. It's very firm since it's lowered and has wider rims and tires than the standard model. But when I press the sport-button and give the car full throttle through a twisty road, that's when I know what a fantastic car it is! :devil: It hugs down to the asphalt, clipping the apexes without any problems, giving an insane rush, thus putting a smile from ear to ear on my face :) All the time people come up to me and ask about the car and if they can take a picture of it. "Go ahead" I usually say. I've never smiled so much when I'm driving to and from work..

As I said I will upload better pictures later on, both of the interior and exterior. But that's not going to happen before I give the car a proper round of Autoglym HD-Wax ;) Please let me know what you think :)

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