Punto (Mk2/2b) Meet Frankie The Fiat!


Hello everyone, I'd like to show you all my Fierce Fiat; Frankie!
He looks shy on the outside but his looks are deceptive, Frankie its a 2004 fiat punto mk2b Active Sporting- 16v.

This car ran me back £1400 including a years MOT and a service. This is my first car and i Know little to nothing about cars when it comes to the mechanical side to things so hopefully you bunch of guys and gals will be able to help me out whenever necessary.

I've not got too much planned for this car at the moment but I'd love some suggestions from you all. I'm thinking a few small touches like color coding the wing mirrors, getting some new windscreen wipers, tinting back windows and lights and a few other minor tweaks.

Here are some performance Specs:
Engine Size: 1242 cc
Cylinders: 4
0-60 mph: 11.0 secs (I think i can better that!)
Top Speed: 107 mph (Again, I'm sure i can do better!)
Power: 80bhp
Valves: 16
Torque: 114 Nm 84 lb-ft

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