Punto (Mk2/2b) Mario's Mk2 Punto.


Ok so i have just been and stuck a deposit down on my fresh Fiat, i am finally back in a 1242 8v Fiat. its a Mk2 Punto this time so basically a family version of the best car i have ever owned, My Lovely old Cinq Sporting 1242 8v 75 conversion, a lot of you may remember it lol. Well now i have myself a really clean (needs a wash) Black Mk2 3dr, all panels are straight so a good clean car. interior isn't the best but i will get some Sporting seats for it i think.

Plans for it.
I still have my PGT wheels off my Cinq so i will throw them on for the time being and may get some lowering springs for it and defo need a Sporting interior lol. apart from that i will basically leave it alone and enjoy thrashing a little 8v around again.
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