Panda Lpg Panda 169

One owner 29,000 miles, 2010 Model 169 , 111A Rosso paint,


Been looking for a low mileage example MK2 for a while now and found it in Peterborough, one owner 29,000 miles 2010 reg( in fact one rear tyre is date stamped 2610 , an Conti Ecocontact 3 as is the space saver tyre). The interior is pristine and unadulterated. My current car that I converted in 2012 refuses to die and has indeed just passed another MOT , is a Citroen C1 (161000 miles) 2007 but this has given me time to convert the Panda at my leisure which is SORN . Only the gas feed pipe is left to fit. By the way, I bought an accessory socket ,fitted it to the plug under the console and it worked. The engine fuse box had both fuse 85 and the t31 relay. It has power when the ignition is on only. New rear axle (£140 plus postage) ,exhaust box ,springs, shocks.

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Interesting post which, as of Jan 2023, would seem to worth more discussion. Any ability to diversify fuels for transport is worth further discussion.

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