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Right Hello, I have put a couple of pics of my car up here before but desided to start modding it as I'm most likly kepting it till i finish Uni (Another 2 years) :)

My GP is a 1.2 Active, New Orleans Blue, 06 Plate.

I got it for my 17th Birthday.

Hope you all like what I've done and any comments and tip would be great :D

So Im not sure how to do the whole photo in the text thing so just gunna list my mods then let the pics show you how they went. ;)


1) Sony Head Unit & Kenwood Sub and Amp

2) Red Brake Callipers

3) De-badged "Punto" Off Boot

4) Lowered On APEX Springs

5) Colour Coded Wing Mirrors

6) Front Grill Black

7) FF Stickers On Rear Side Windows

8) Abarth Badges (Front, Boot & Alloys)

9) De-badged Front Grill

Future Mods

1) Fog Lights

2) HID Conversion

3) De wiper The Boot

4) Custom Exhaust System

Thanks for having a look(y)

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