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Previously Owned a 1.2 Grande Punto and wanted the next step up. It had to be something with style, speed and elegance. Refused to have the common sheep vehicles like a fiesta or corsa and couldn't set on a french car or owning another yaris. But the answer lied with a Punto Evo sporting, Yes Yes! :yum:

Currently had the Sporting for one month and has occupied a lot of my time in small subtile mods that don't break the bank but has allowed it to be unique. Aiming for a two tone colour scheme Black on white.

Pictures before Mods

Image with Chrome bar off

Current list of Mods completed
- Windows tinted
- Subwoofer & capacitor installed
- Black Fiat 500 Black Wing Mirrors (cheaper than punto one's on ebay)
- Carbon fibre wraped weird scratch panel by the windows
- Spray painted the chrome bar black
- Mud flaps with the Punto logo painted in white
- Genuine fiat short aerial

Car with current mods on

Future Mods / Idea's
- Carbon Fibre Decals on Fiat badges (Ordered)
- Abarth Black on White Centre Caps (Ordered)
- Corsa D Alloy Pedal Set (Ordered)
- Official Punto Mats (current generic ones are dying)
- Nightbreaker bulbs
- Wrap the roof in Gloss Black

Hope you like the look, every drive is a joy!
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