Ducato just a few pics of my rough and ready minbus conversion


when i bought this van it was a greenish yellow colour all over, she was rusted to pieces, there was smoke coming from the engine, only had half an exhaust on her and she was a minibus used for ferrying mental patients to and from mullingar mental hospital!!worth every penny of the 300 euros i paid to take her home though because plenty of t-cut sweat and MDF later I had a camper van, she isn't exactly the Hilton on wheels but everything works and its quite easy to keep clean and suits me grand for surfin adventures as the astro turf and shiny paint dont react adversy to the water that does be drippin off me when i get in from the atlantic.
hope you's like it anyway

the black thing in the corner is the fridge not too big but it serves a purpose and the hob is beside the sink
in the boot i have enough room for four or five surf boards and space for hangin up the wetsuits and also the water storage tank which is gravity fed

the van only cost me 300 euros to buy it and most of the materials used to convert it were begged and borrowed and donated from friends and relatives
any way hope yis all like it let me know what ye think
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