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Well its been 2 years since i bought my car now, and im still not bored so thought id make a thread to show all what ive done and becuase ive spent 3 hours on it today :)

i bought the car in may 07, and it had 22k on the clock, its now showing nearly 57k :)

the first day i had the car...

a few weeks in a painted the stilo badge..

towards the end of the year i bought some old style abarth centres..

it wasnt long before the engine cover got sprayed, and new red scorpions purchased for all fiat badging...

the car stayed pretty normal after that.... until last week when i got some JFL badges from halfords and painted them..

on the day before brooklands my scorpion transfers arrived..

then it was brooklands where adamcot gave me this idea....
notice the small scorpion..

today i got my tape through, and also got hold of some vinyl yesterday...

hand made scorpion 4 times the size of previous...

on the car... bit of centre but oh well :p

and the car as it is now...

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