Punto (Mk1) HELP what paint code is this!!!!!


Hi we have a mk1 1.2 selecta 60 with few mods and it needs a bit of painting done to it but there is no paint sticker any where in the boot or under bonnet or in the engine bay:confused:.
It seems to be a rare dark green like a british racing green there are a couple mk1 punto with this colour on google but still very hard to even to fine them any way here a few pics please help as we want to get it looking nice for the santa pod fast car show on the 16 and 17th march :slayer: front tinted lights including fogs debadge but not filled or painted yet lowerd 70mm on 17" lenzo rs5
i think the code is 369 garden green but cant seem to find it on ebay or google so does any one know thanks

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