Stilo GizmOwin's "Abarthed" Stilo MW.


Right.. I know some people don't like it when people put abarth badges on a non-abarth car but sadly Fiat didn't make a Abarth Stilo Estate .. So ive had to improvise :p

Its a 1.9JTD 115 with all the trimmings. Connect Nav+, Skyroof, Split-Tailgate, Electric/Heated Seat, Electric/Heated Mirrors, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Reclining Rear Seats, Electric Rear Windows, Xenon Lamps, Headlight Washers... THE LOT!

This car is my pride and joy, and I'd be very grateful of your critiscisms and suggestions!

So.. When i got him, he was like this.

I then added a few things...

A fiat forum sticker (y)

Christened him with the name 'Gizmo', because of the sheer amount of gadgetry on it.

A new grill. I had the same emblem on my Punto Mk2, which I loved, but I think you'll agree, the Stilo just didn't carry it off. So it was only a temporary arrangement until I had decided what i wanted. I also added the little Italian reflectors.

I got some 17" Blades and got some abarth wheel centres, which have now been refurbed. Ive also got plans to have them painted black or anthracite.

I added an Abarth badge to the rear, an Italian sticker, number plate surround, an exhaust tip, and painted and fitted some Stilo mud flaps.

Then fitted sunshades.

Then found the grill I liked and added a "Powered by Abarth" badge (Tacky i know, but it looks like an S badge from an Audi) ;) I also painted the front bumper strips.

I then painted my engine covers to make the engine look as magnificent as it is.

Interior Wise...

Added some LED bulbs to the interior light front and rear, to go with the Italian theme.

I then added another Gizmo Emblem, a steering wheel knob :D, and a CD Changer with Aux out.

And now Gizmo looks like this...

Next mods are black sunstrip with FF and FSOC stickers (Just waiting on the FSOC Stickers (n)), and Colour code sidestrips and bumper strips.

Future Plans include a full leather retrim, the carzone rear bumper, four exhaust system, remap, and possibly claw alloys and maybe lowered (My flaps scrape the ground as it is :p). I'm also looking at the Schumie front bumper, but doubt it'll look right or else a lester splitter.


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