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Hi there,

back with another cento,

its Sei 1.1 MPi 2001, Brush ed. (orange/blue), 79k KMs done, 2 previous owners, service history, from first 100miles which I drove on, its very good condition, run like new , quiet, noticed small corrosion at rear underbody, otherwise very healthy, no rust at all,
only things to do was to bestir brakes, fill screenwash, petrol, and check tyres pressure

-first, I noticed hood tint is a bit darker than rest of car, but dont see any signs of crash.
could be just respray of stone cracks?

-cold engine have some funny sound, sounds something like valves knocking, nothing loud, its just different than my old cinq 1.1.
could be consequence of using 5W-40 grade oil??? (old cinq been running 10W-40, is 5W-40 good idea for such engine??)

-there is LPG filler neck in rear bumper with piece of hose cutoff, as well drilled hole in dashboard left of steering wheel, probably of LPG/PETROL switch
there is no LPG anymore, do I have to be worry if it was running LPG for some time?

First will make complete cleaning in/out and look for some aloys for summer use

What else work do you suggest to do at this mileage??

Thanks guys !

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