600 (Classic) Custom F.I.A.T. 600D (1962)


Hello fiat loving brothers , this is my little fiat , when my dad first bought the car (in 2001) we started a simple recondition , keept the car original , my dad used it for a while , after that the car took a long rest until recently , i became member of an auto club , i was just a simple member with the car not participating at anything because of the budget problems , and the president of the club tought he might help me with money and stuff to make the car for an exposition , so on march 31 i took the car to his garage , by 9 april the car was finished , with some flaws but still we made it , on 8 april the car was painted , 9 april in the morning started fitting all the parts , after we finished we headed for the exposition , on the way people liked , they were amased , great feeling , anyway this was done just for this exposition , now it`s a race car project , money is still low so it will be a slow project , i am thinking of fitting a 850 engine or 127 900 cmc engine for a lil extra power , and when i have enough money , change the suspensions , mount discs brakes , and fit a uno turbo engine , the exterior o just have to smooth it a lil , it will be repainted , the interior will be plain simple just 2 seats as i have problems with the lack of space , some carbon fiber elements , i hope i will have money as i have ideas , well time for some pictures now , and i am sorry for my slappy english .
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