Panda (Classic) Cornish Red


Thought this was a better place to upload the pics of my little Ferrari Mini Tractor; pre and post accident. I'm pissed off the missus gave it a black eye; pleased I managed to find the repair parts: pleased at the ease of stripdown; pleased at the standard of the bodyshop's work, but peeved at the fortune I paid them; pleased at my first serious bit of rattle-can work; seriously relieved the rain started AFTER the paint had skinned over; pleased I got the headlights back on after some hammer/drift fettling; peeved that it is now obvs that the bonnet needs adjusting to give better shutlines; ...impatient for a bit of dry so's I can get the 2 coats of lacquer on; impatient for the new bumper to arrive, so's I can get a "fully finished" photo. Then, just an MOT and it'll be back on the road, uff. WP_20170308_07_41_43_Pro.jpg




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