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Well guys ..

fogot to put this in here ..
my bro had this cinquecento sat at his for quite a while so i decided to give it a better home after being parked up 9 years

towed it to mine
give it a full service
timing belt
water pump
rear shoes
handbrake cable

while i was there it needed a little bit of welding in the rear quaters , sorted that out , fitted new brake pipes as they looked a little crusty

had a full abarth kit laying round so .. that got fittted
had some Avo coilovers with project silber adjutabletop mounts laying round what i was going to fit on lola so Nige has borrowed them for the time being
also fitted lolas punto Gt3 front calipers ,

since i had fitted the larger brakes , it was perfect time to fit the comp mo5s i had bought of james hensey

fitted my leather interior out of lola as they were just sat in storage

oh also fitter some pressed plates to give it a bit more of a fresher look

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