Panda (Classic) BEX, The Blue Sisley 4x4.


After spotting Bex on Ebay a few minuets after the ad was posted i made >>This<< post requesting the car to be saved.

after showing my mum, she said i could have it. rather than it being broken and parts sold off it, with intent to fix it up (gearbox failure being the reason why it was off the road.. however read on for a bit of a twist.) and after repairing it, selling it on to help fund my addiction. (aka the quest to make Talon the perfect panda).

So now i have a wild Bex parked on the driveway.

Bex is a previous Forum car. the original thread can be found >>Here<<.

Sadly, somehow in the last year Bex has had it a little rough!
There's a hole in the sill (not rust but a puncher wound!)
Each lock has a different key, (drivers door lock opens with any key!)
The filler pipe has been damaged by some fuel thief. (thankfully not the plastic pipe, only the rubber seal.)
and there's a dent in the sill (that i can pull out using a tack weld dent puller)

also the wheel arches have started to go that tell tale bronzey orange stain in some parts telling me that rust is trying to set in and kill off that nice new respray it had not long back. think i will have caught it in time though.
sadly the underseal used on the car (if any) after the previous repairs was not very good :( i am not sure what was used but the last 3 years of time it has washed it all off back to bare metal.

the gearbox.. hmm though i have only been able to test this with the engine off, all gears seem to be there. its a bit stiff and has the tell tale sign of a snapped weld on the nut on top of the connecting arm. (loads of play in and out of gears.. fine moving left and right on the box though.) will check oil levels and CV boot conditions tomorrow in daylight.

ill add photos in a bit.. again in daylight. and yes, again ill be doing video logs on the Bex's progress.

least this one seems like easy fixes. just tidying up. nothing structural. the important thing is that the doors are in good condition! yey a panda with no rusty doors!!

here are the photos:

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