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I've been keeping an on-going update thread on the Club Cento forum, but I thought I should put a brief post up on here too.

My story so far.

I bought the silver cinq sporting from a member on here about 2 years ago. It was a bit of a wreck and had been vandalised. Over the years I have fitted Powerflex rear bushes, new front and rear brakes, new headgasket, new headlamps and a few more little bits here and there. Its sailed through every MOT while I have had it.

Modifications are, 32mm Punto throttle body, all orange bumper trims replaced with black ones. Second bumper gasket fitted. Black FIAT bonnet badge. Black vinyl on the B pillars. De-badged (well, that was part of the vandalising:mad: ) Now its got a set of 6x14 Borbet alloys wearing Toyo Proxes in 195/45R14. Inside theres a full set of Abarth floor mats, Strada Recaros on custom subframes, Momo steering wheel, Sony speakers all round and a Toad alarm.

Future plans: I have a 1242 engine sat in my workshop along with the bigger front calipers, disc rear calipers. Low temp thermostat, Punto GT fan switch. I think I need a new rad, so thats going to be ordered soon. Also all the shocks are past their best, so new suspension needed all round, but looking at the pictures, it needs lowering, only about 30mm though. And then the all important re-spray to hide the panel damage. But I've been happily driving round in it the last 2 years like it, so no real hurry.

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