Punto (Mk2/2b) Ash's Black Punto mk2b


Hello! Everybody!

I've been a member for a while now, much too long to have not started a thread on my car so whilst i'm bored I thought I would.

She's an 1.2 8V Active Punto mk2b which I bought last year around May time. :slayer:

This is a recent photo, excuse the poor quality (mobile phone).


She was completely stock when I got her but over the past year I have made some (not many) changes to her:

-Gmax 35mm lowering springs
-Smoke tint on rear lights and side repeaters
-Resprayed original trims in black
-Sprayed tailgate badge black
-Custom speaker install made up of-
>MDF parcel shelf with 6x9's (need to get rid of the 6x9s as I now have a sub)
>Upgraded front components powered by amp
>Subwoofer powered by seperate amp
>Boot and tailgate dynamated

I'm thinking of doing other stuff but it all depends on money and the fact i'm most likely going to Uni this September so I may keep her just as something to do when i'm bored.

-Repair bonnet (previous owner had a crash and its badly dented)
-When that's repaired I can finally put on my badgless grill I bought over a year ago for it as it wont fit due to the dent!
-Repair front bumper (I was a fool and had an encounter with a bush)
-Some alloys, Black or white I haven't decided yet
-Tints on rear 3 windows
-Smooth side
-New gearknob

I'll get some more pictures up of the different things when I can if anybody wants a look.

Cheers guys.

EDIT: ok so i have no idea how to put in pictures :S



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