Punto (Mk1) About time really


Well, having been a member since 2008, I should probably put a few bits up about my Punto.

Bought with a laundry list of problems, and feeling sorry for the old beast, I've spent a lot of hours and probably too much cash:

  • Fitting a new clutch and slave cylinder (the reason I got the car to start with).
  • Changing the rusty bonnet, damaged front bumper, O/S/F wing and drivers' door.
  • Replacing the ECU (somehow lost the code).
  • Visiting Brighton, to pick up a set of 15 inch Bravo Abarth Speedlines.
  • Replacing the Ansa backbox and snapped exhaust centre section with a Sportex cat-back system.
  • Swapping the standard steering wheel for a Sparco one when the airbag light came on.
  • Fitting replacement dashboard bulbs and Lockwood white dials.
  • 2 cheapo head units (current one from Aldi, featuring CD, MP3, USB, Bluetooth and a remote!)
  • Exhaust downpipe/flexi and lambda section.
  • A couple of O/S headlamps
  • A bargain genuine radiator.
Plus a whole load of odds and ends I can't remember.
Enough chatter, pics:




From Brooklands 2012:

And a day I felt rather proud:

Hopefully, there'll be more to come.

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