Punto (Mk1) 1998 Punto Cabrio 1.2 16V



Let me introduce you to my recently acquired Mk1 Punto Cabrio...

I'd been considering a cabrio of some sort for a while, and the Punto was on my radar given how much I'd enjoyed pottering about in my brother's '96 Punto 55 S. Also, I was curious as to how these later 1.2 engines drove, given the 16-valve Zetec motor in my '97 Fiesta LX has the exact same displacement.

This one was being sold by a dealer, at what I reckon is probably top whack for one of these - a slightly embarrassing £1650! - but it's had only 3 owners before myself, covered approximately 61,000 miles, and appears generally very tidy. (I'm hoping it won't imminently need any particular care over and above regular washing, servicing, and being kept under a cover when not used for long periods). The only issue currently presenting itself is that the roof doesn't meet the windscreen header after being raised - I have to pull it the last few inches. Perhaps adjusting the tension straps will help?

I've already put more miles on it with the top down than with the top up though, despite the fairly chilly March we're having. And the 1.2 is easily as tractable as the Fiesta's engine. Those of you comparing the 1.6 and 1.2 Cabrios might compare other 1242 cc engines before disregarding the 85 16V as being short on torque - in normal driving it's more like operating a diesel-powered vehicle than the rev-hungry Fiesta!

So what do you think to another Cab making an appearance on the FIAT Forum - and a 'Rosso Corsa'-painted one at that? I for one don't recall ever seeing a similar one on my travels.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to driving the car more regularly as the weather (hopefully) improves, and really getting to know it. Already, though, I get the feeling this car is one to keep.


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