Grande Punto 1.4 T-jet aka Malisa


So here is my car. Its the first car I ever own in my life. We started bad but things were better as the time goes by. I bought it with broken gearbox, dualmass flywheel and gearbox cable. Gearbox was such a pain in the ass to find, I had to go in other country to buy it. But from then nothing, just regular maintains.
Its a 5D hatch with good equipment. It has all 4 door electric power windows(can control it with remote), automatic air-con, parking sensors, 15" alu wheels, leather steering wheel and leather gear leaver.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will change oil and filters, also PK belt and rear gearbox mount is for replacement(will change it some other time).
There are some things that annoy me soo much such as gear leaver is too loose, all mechanics sad everything is fine but when I compare it with my company vehicle its too loose and not precise. I cant find anywhere in by country where I can by shortshifter, I think it will help a lot. Also I cant find stupid volume knob for radio. Previous owner somehow menage to lose it and there is no way to find just knob, I have to buy whole radio just to get knob. If is there any 3D model for printing please let me know.
Overall, I like the car :)
Here are some pictures :)
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