Grande Punto 1.4 Active Sport "Betty"


First car so very happy with it! Despite problems at first, and in the middle, and still to this day she's done well. Here she is the day I got her

Had a brief break from her, and was stuck driving this mean machine. I was rear ended by someone who was probably texting, luckily her insurance admitted everything and payed for all the damage.


Mods I've done:
Badgeless grill
DAB Stereo
Subwoofer Vibe Active 10"
Lowered Numberplate
LED lights (sidelights, rear numberplate, interior, tried LED fogs but cant make them fit)
Halfords Xenon look lights
Sprayed badge body colour
Tinted rear windows 20%
Sprayed interior bits red
Red stitching on seats
Abarth sticker on steering wheel badge (temp)
Wrapped between 2 grills carbon (bought cheap **** and need to re do, took a pic but looks awful)

Mods to do:
Re do steering wheel badge and carbon wrap
Refurb alloys black (in the process of sanding, should be done by next year at current rate)
Sell car and buy Tjet or Mjet


Tried my hand with a bit of Autoglym
brand new alternator gave up and decided to take away all electrics, including power steering mid corner. Currently got an exhaust manifold stud snapped flush inside. Around 150 to get out :mad:

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