Punto 2012+ 1.3 Multijet 85 Grigio Affascinante


2014 1.3 Multijet 85 Grigio Affascinante

Hi all,

I'm quite new to this forum, so what else to do than show my car? :p
Well, I've bought it last year, by August, and it's been a really good surprise overall. I was one of those guys that always regarded Fiat as an inferior brand but I have to say I was proven wrong.
Fiat has come a really long way.

Anyways, it's pretty much stock. Although I've changed some bits and pieces.

  • debadged "Punto" lettering
  • MTEC T20 DRL bulbs (will eventually change them for some quality LED ones)
  • Philips WhiteVision main/dipped bulbs
  • Bosch Aerotwin wipers
  • new tyres, Continental Contipremiumcontact 5
  • bought a oem short aerial (still waiting on that)

As for future mods, I'm seriously considering buying 2 replacement wing mirror covers and have them painted in silver (to match the alloys). What do you guys think?
I was also planning on upgrading to some 17'' alloys, but unfortunately I'm only allowed to upgrade to 16'' without having to spend an absurd amount of money to have the car tested so it could possibly be deemed roadworthy.
Was also thinking on some lowering springs. Possibly Eibachs.

As for the internals, I will have the DPF removed in the future and have it remapped as soon as the warranty expires.

Apologies for the license plate censoring, but since I also post on a national forum (and it is the way things go here) I just deleted the original pics and kept these.
It's pretty much stock all in all, but I really do like the car!

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