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Are Doblos sensitive to rain?!?

Hello from Dundee,

my '02 1.9 JTD ELX has of late shown an infrequent tendency to lose all power when accelerating between 1500 and 2000 rpm, relatively early after starting the engine (approx 5 minutes). Hitting the clutch, restoring idle, and then using the throttle either normally or, failing that, aggressively helps to build up usable revs which may propel it along for some seconds. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It feels like driving a cheap RC car without adjustable throttle (on/off throttle). Uphill was near impossible. After a good 15 minutes of fighting the car, the problem subsided.

This only happens sometimes - the last time in torrential rain, two days ago. The times before, as far as I remember, there was humidity in the air (yes, I know, this is Scotland ), and always on a relatively cold engine (approx 5 - 15 minutes after starting it).

Yesterday, the first dry day in a while, I tried it again. With a cold engine through the city, and up on the A 90. I held the revs once the engine was warm well over 2000 for about 25 minutes. No problems at all.

Could it be that rain has anything to do with it?

Or does the Doblo simply need to stretch its legs every once in a while?

Or is this an indication of parts (filters etc) needing changed?


(Dioblo )
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