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Doblo JTD ELX Electrics reset / Cut out

Hello all,

And a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone

I am experiencing some strange occurrences with my Doblo JTD ELX MPV 2003.

Now and then for no reason I can fathom out I are driving along and all of a sudden all the electrics go off. If you are at a set of lights or idling the engine will also cut out
Then a few seconds later all the electrics come back on like you have just switched on the ignition from off and the car will start again.

There is no rhyme or reason to this happening, and I have checked the obvious things like a loose battery connection.

I had the car fault codes read and nothing comes up. In fact an auto electrician had the car overnight and couldn't find anything. Of course while he had it the blighter didn't do it once!!
It can go a week and it is absolutely fine, then all of a sudden it will do it twice in the space of a couple of miles.

It's starting to worry me now as I am driving to Greece in March and don't want to be left stranded somewhere broken down that I don't speak the lingo!!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I'm desperate to get this fault fixed before a long trip overseas.
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Re: Doblo JTD ELX Electrics reset / Cut out

i had a very similar problem to this and it happened more than enough times to me.

does you just die or do you get the battery light on when its dies or doe sit just go dead?

3 reasons for me and the batt light came on for me,

3 CORODED CAONNECTOR - Total RELACE OF connectors and terminals. **

** this was the main cause, my cable looked well and so did my terminal until we took it of and realised it was coroded inside. and not making a true connected to the battery terminal. and this was the standard terminal for the fiat doblo. TIME FOR UPGRADE!

I had just about every problem going.

Also i brigded a connected from the body of the van to the negative terminal to give a better chassis ground. as the main one is a very thin cable and the other fatter main one goes striaght to the engine block.
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