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Just out for what they can get out of you!
My Air conditioning is now blowing cold, I took the car into Glyn Hopkins Fiat Milton Keynes hoping they would correct the air con under my extended warranty NO! I left the car with them for the morning & when I collected it they presented me with a bill for £168 for doing a health check on the car. Did they do the job I asked ? NO ! “Sorry your AIR CON is not under our warranty”. 40 miles & 3 weeks prior to letting them have my car I took it to my non Fiat garage for an M.O.T it passed with no problems also a report on brakes & pads which were fine, however Glyn Hopkins in Milton Keynes said I need new disks, new pads, a new air con condenser, new timing tensioners all this they wanted £3000 The brakes they said needed immediate attention, they had the service history with the car that clearly shows everything is up to date & in good order. Not surprising I told them to get lost. I then took the car to G.P Auto’s in Milton Keynes they re-gassed the air con & also added a leak stop fluid as they said the gas leak was just a tiny pin prick of a hole it should do the job with no problem. Yes it has, so the moral is BE VERY CAREFUL what MAIN DEALERS TELL YOU! 2 weeks later & still blowing nice cold air.
The total bill from a NON DEALER £128!

Slight but important info- According to Fiat Dealer List Glyn Hopkins are not on their list of dealers, they are only listed as Assistance not retailers in Milton Keynes, the nearest Dealer is Motor-Vogue in Bedford
ClassicFiat500 does not recommend this dealership!
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