Panda 169 panda 1.2 dynamic aircon Blue 2005

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hi All.

So for sale. Our pale blue 1242cc 8v dynamic aircon and factory alloys option from April 2005 is after nearly 18 years in our ownership available to find sunnier climates if wants to.

103k miles. Strangely none of the regular failures have been on this car except the clutch thrust washer and gearbox input bearing, clutch was done at about 75k miles and we put a replacement gearbox in at the same time(still have the original). Its had oil changes every year at about 7k per year and the last one was done in October last year and the oil still looks clean on the dipstick, October 2022 we changed the cambelt and water pump inc oil so no need for any belts for nearly 5 years time
The sump is rust free, the front cross waterpipe is still black painted steel. Spring pans are great and most importantly its NEVER been jacked up under the rear cills so they are unmarked. Over the years we have replaced the rear shocks twice( or more), front arms drop links and front shocks have been changed all as pairs. Throttle body and 2x coil packs. It has a lifetime cleanable air filter, Mesh was fitted in the front air intakes many years ago and this has protected the radiators so they are near complete and hence its never had a headgasket failure.

Interior is clean although passenger seat is showing signs of wear. Boot is clean and engine bay actually looks like a car of less than 5 years old.

Bad bits. Rear bumper is slightly paler colour from when it was replaced in 2009 following a nudge, laquer is peeling on the left rear wheel arch, tiny bubbling under the paint on the left rear where the bumper bolts on, all this is from the repair in 2009. A few minor scuffs and things in various places but nothing structural.

Lastly the aircon has been used every week since new and hence still works well cooling the air. Comes with good tyres and a full set of fiat seat covers( minor repairs may be wanted to these). Over matts from new are still good.

Have a look back over the forum to find my discussions over this car over the years.
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