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the first few days.......

Posted 20-08-2007 at 03:51 by Jai

well first off, it's been hot....and damned humid too. everywhere we've been so far, hong kong, guangzhou, singapore and siem reap, has been like walking through treacle. and by the end of the day the layer of crud on your skin can almost be peeled off...

anyway, we flew into hong kong on the tail end of a massive typhoon, but after 13 hours in cattle class, and an hour cross town by train and cab, we checked into the fab 5* royal plaza, only to promptly walk straight out into the street to chck the night time action out. luckily for us, nathan road with its massive electrical stores was on top form. for those, like me, who have thought tottenham court road was good for electronics, prepare to be blown away, this place has it all and more, and you are expected to bargain and haggle, and get freebies. it and the surrounding streets and markets selling allsorts of goods really did look like the scenes from bladerunner.

snacking on stalls from street vendors was initially odd, but seeing as the food was piping and fresh, was well worth trying out the....actually i dont know what it was, looked and tasted chickeny, but then so does a lot of dodgy meat...

the next day saw around kowloon, and the north side of the island, very very boutiquey and scyscrapers abound, the national sport appears to be shopping as there are malls everywhere. the city itself seemed clean and well organised, and the night light and laser show from the star ferry port was well worth heading south for.

alas it was time to leave, by train for china, and guangzhou, about 2 hours north, for the main purpose of out visit. as many of you who have been to shows know, i have a 13 year old nephew, who is starting a new school out there, we were dropping him off to his dad. and so with heavy hert we made our way north....and the god awful view was most appropriate

you know that bit on the M6 in brum where fort dunlop is? all industrial wasteland? imagine about 150 miles of it.....****ing terrible, and the smog when we arrived, was like a rancid coating on everything. thankfully vish is out of the city, in a lovely new development for foreign execs and families.

the only bright part of the stay here was the lovely hostes scarlett at the exec bar on the 23rd floor of the holiday inn. very bubbly, happy to chat and engage with everyone, and make happy hour.....4 hours long!!!

note: a jack daniels and coke in china = 5 uk measures of jack with a dash of was a long night

and all too soon it was time to say our goodbyes.......i wont see the boy wonder now till next june, maybe in time for stanford 2008, which he was really looking to this year.....

and it was out of china to singapore, and the contrast could not have been more different......
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