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Fiat 500C 2013 leather changed?

Posted 19-01-2013 at 21:45 by Super Bolt

Hi all.

Have just joined the fun, so please bare with me!
The wife currently has a 2011 1.2 500c White with red leather 16" wheels and extra trim etc and we are about to change it for another one after only covering 12000 miles.

We were going to order twin air in Funk white but have been told that the leather seats have now changed?

Instead of full leather it now appears that the top third of the seats are finished in cream or black (depending...
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leaking soft top 500c

Posted 02-11-2012 at 10:33 by oldcutter

Having similar probs with my 500c recently. Bought her 4 months ago and she was fine up to about 3 weeks ago, until I washed her with a pressure jet wash and noticed splashing over the rear seats and side windows. I subsequently discovered she was leaking through the top of rear window, so this week took her to the Fiat dealers where I bought her from. The garage(whch I have found to be very good) ran hoses over her for an hour and could not get her to leak. After checking her out thoroughly,...
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Removing Front bumper

Posted 05-08-2012 at 00:08 by N1rally

Would appreciate instruction how to remove front bumper on 2008 1.2 500
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Fiat 500 dvd navigation

Posted 17-05-2012 at 12:50 by jxcsir
Updated 17-05-2012 at 13:00 by jxcsir

Fiat 500 and abarth 500 dvd navigation system installation guide

if have any questions, pls contact us:
Tel:+86 755 28317899

fiat 500 dvd navigation manufacturer supplier
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Radio Blocked

Posted 03-11-2011 at 17:13 by Ahmad

The radio of my car Fiat 500 is indicating that it is Blocked.

please help me to unblock it
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