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Question Abarth 500 Fuel Gauge

Hi all

May be its me in a new car but the fuel gauge in my A500 goes down a notch. Then I park up somewhere, get back in later start the car and the notch is back e.g. thinks there is more fuel again. The car had 27 miles on it when I got it and I've not got through the first tank yet and on 156 miles. Just asking as I didn't get this with my ByDiesel 1.2

Also to note that when I brimmed it before the journey home, the Range counter read at 281 miles. (my ByDiesel read 438).

Anyone else had this on a new 500?
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Re: Abarth 500 Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge displays in blocks but not half or quarter blocks so its not displaying the gradual reduction in fuel only fractions of tank.
I expect when it does this its just at the limit of a graduation and can be either up or down a block depending on if the car moves slightly or is on a hill.
I dont like this type of display either.
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Re: Abarth 500 Fuel Gauge

Yea I've had this once or twice, the fuel gauge is not the most accurate thing in the World, i find when you get down to the last tiny notches, sometimes they all disappear, but when you brim it, you get just as much in as if there were 2 notches left! (if that makes sense)

The range indicator is to be ignored too, mine nearly always says 380 odd miles when i fill up, it's usually closer to half that! We were discussing this on the Abarth forum, we are guessing that the range computer was not calibrated for the Abarth engine, we think the software was carried over from the 1.2 or 1.4 models. Only guessing mind...

The trip MPG is fairly accurate though, only around 2 to 3 MPG's higher than the actual MPG's
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Re: Abarth 500 Fuel Gauge

What might be happening is that you're parking up having just crossed the threshold to drop a bar off, and then when you restart it you're on a slight hill or the temperature has changed etc.
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Re: Abarth 500 Fuel Gauge

Clearly you dont get the flexablity from a digital read out compared to the classic needle, like mentioned it could be as simple as while on the move the bar drops but once stopped it could get a slightly different reading and there by look to have gained or lost a bar

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