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combo lamp assembly removal
blinker, DRL, bulb
Published by arekp
Difficulty Level: 1

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combo lamp assembly removal

FIAT 500X combo lamp assembly removal
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Name:	500X_combo1.jpg
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Name:	500X_combo2.png
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Raise car, wheel off & place under car, personal safety
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Name:	500X_combo4.jpg
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Remove the two plastic anchors by pulling out central stem and the flap comes off
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Name:	500X_combo5.jpg
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ID:	207269

IF YOU ARE ONLY CHANGING THE BULBS, no need to remove wheel. Just turn the wheels towards you and this should open up enough space to remove the flap and then unclick and pull out the bulbs and bulb holders.

Loosen plastic molding by undoing 6 screws
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Name:	500X_combo6.jpg
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ID:	207270

Undo the 3 TORX 25 screws, approximate locations marked X
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Name:	500X_combo7.jpg
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ID:	207271

Disconnect bulb holders and there you go
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Name:	500X_combo8.jpg
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In my case, the bulb holder felt sticky and positive terminal bit worn; loosened it up , replaced the bulband all seems well. Installation is the reverse!
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Name:	500X_combo9.jpg
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ID:	207273
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