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124 spider coil overheating

I am ready to resort to a stick of dynamite to resolve my problem.
I have a 77 fiat 1800 that I have eliminated one set of points on.
I have it wired. ignition to ballast resistor to coil then to the distributor. It starts and runs excellent that way for about 10 miles then the coil gets hot as can be and it starts to misfire and when turned off will not start . It seems to have fried the condenser.after it cools down and I replace the condenser it will run again .but the same thing will happen after 10 miles I replaced the coil and resistor and the condensor and it starts and runs excellent then it happens again. then I just replaced the condensor again and it will start then after 10 miles of high rpm running it overheats the coil . If I only just let the car idle it does not overheat.I want to go further from home than 5 miles and get back home
what would be the best cheapest coil for this ?
One with more or less resistance ?
Is the blue with black wire from the ignition aresistance wire to begin with?
why is there no vacuume advance on these fiats?
how does the ignition get advanced ?
I do not need to meet smog standards so that is why I eliminated the starting points. I want to keep it simple
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Re: 124 spider coil overheating

Not familiar with these to be honest however if you lift the plate (where the points are mounted) you should see 2 centrifugal weights with springs attatched.It is these that advance/retard ignition so check they move freely.Just going by basic ignition systems here & as I said dont know the set up on your car but considering the age I would 'assume' this is how it is operated.
Get back to us if still no luck.

Hi by the way
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