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[Tipo 1.6 ie 94] Injection light and idle


I bought a Tipo 1.6 ie 94 half a year ago and now its getting close to the MOT so ive started work on it but im running out of stuff to replace (that is, the parts are getting more expencive :D )

First off it was running at around 75 degrees centigrade and no warmer and it had the "classic" rough up-down-up-down idle and often at junctions it stalled and the injection light was coming on. It came on only at idle or at very low revs and light load, and I can always make it go away by pushing the accelerator, which often resulted (esp. at junctions :) ) with a stall when the revs subsequently came down and returned to idle (and then -> stall). the as summer came it started getting more difficult to start the car.. but it always started after a while. also when changing gears down like at a corner, when i have the lower gear in place and start pushing the accelerator and letting go of the clutch it would kind of stay in idle or some kind of motorbrakeing mode and not respond for a while until suddenly with a violent jolt it starts accelerating like its supposed to. this makes driving in the city very infuriating

sorry about all that text but i like reading specific symptoms myself..

So what i did was i got a new thermostat, fitted it, that helped with the temps, but nada for the other symptoms. so I changed the plugs, got a new engine coolant sensor (the one at the back of the motor) and taped up the metal ribbed pipe (the one that runs at the top left area of the engine) and also thouroughly checked the notorious two little pipes and also taped them so they should not have even small fractures. that seemed to help the starting and it ran more smoothly, but still i got the injection light and once it had warmed up for like 20mins it would be up to its old tricks again.
so I took the plunge and got an original bosch lambda sensor and fitted it (also new HT leads). that helped a lot, for a while i thought it was fixed but then a a junction the injection light reered its ugly head again.

now it behaves slightly differently.
when the injection light comes on, usually when idle, i can make it go away by pushing the accelerator, but immediately after that it does 3-4 up-downs in idle revs. this is quite predictable.
also it is still showing up sometimes at very low revvs and light load, but at least now it starts reliably.
also the injection light is still sometimes on when i start the car, i mean like before and after turning the ignition, not just before..

so what next??

idle regulator?? --but what about the injection light at low revs?
other sensors?? --are there any left to replace?? afaik no.

unfotunately the porter manual that i scanned is not very helpful with these things and my ideas are running out..

help please!
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Have you checked the ECU for fault codes, my 1.4ie tipo did the same type of thing and it was the Lambda sensor+other fault codes showing up.Try getting someone to use diagnostic system to cancell other fault codes.It could be your airmetre in the injection system thats faulty.[xx(].KEV.
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