General What is this thing? - 2008 Doblo Cargo

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General What is this thing? - 2008 Doblo Cargo

Anony Mouse

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Apr 2, 2024
Images here -

Van has 2 side doors. Left (passenger) side one has never locked as long as i've owned it (couple of years). Investigating it today I noticed this on the rear pillar. Inside the little door is what looks very like a locking mechanism. It was pretty seized up, so i WD40-ed it and it now seems to move fairly easily. The round bolt now comes out if i poke at it with a screwdriver. However it doesn't seem to do anything when i cycle the central locking (at least while the door is open and i can see it), and the door still does not lock. There seems to be a socket/alcove/fitting/hole in the door for it to go into (last image), but it's way too large. I don't see how it would keep it closed even if the bolt did go in and out into this space.

What's weird to me is that there isn't a corresponding one on the otherwise identical drivers side door - which locks fine.

Can anyone shed some light on what this is for?



According to ePER (link on the top of the page), it is linked to the fuel cap and prevents possible damage if the cap and the door would have been opened at the same time.


The part number is 51772904 / 51859011.

So, it has nothing to do with the locking.
Thanks. Mystery solved. Just checked and yeah - the bolt comes out when the fuel cap is open and prevents the door sliding into it. No idea if it did that before i cleaned it as i rarely use that door.